Introducing DemoBlox

Imagine you are trying to sell a car. The gorgeous color and sleek design grab a customer’s attention, and they go from interested to excited as you tell them about the state-of-the-art dashboard, great gas mileage, and safety features. Everything is pointing toward a closed sale, until your prospect asks you to take them on a test drive, and you have to tell them that you can’t, because when you lift the hood, there is no engine. Instead of driving them down the open road, you ask them to imagine how it would feel. It’s an embarrassing situation, and it kills your sale, because you can’t show a prospect how well a car drives if there’s no engine to drive it.

No matter what your product or service is, you’ve probably had a moment like this, when you’re in a pitch meeting and you can’t demo your app or platform because there is no data to drive it. That is why DemoBlox was created.

As a Sales Engineer and a Solutions Architect, we have had this experience in many product demos. We got sick of running the “imagine if” scenario for prospects, asking them to visualize the way our products worked instead of being able to show them. Our sales colleagues dealt with the same problem and found themselves spending time that could be used on strategizing, instead working with engineers and product developers to create dummy data for their upcoming pitch meetings.

We created DemoBlox to do away with the embarrassment and frustration of empty demo screens, and to give you a big advantage over your competitors. We load clean fictitious data, customized for your systems and the verticals you serve, that load in real time. This allows you to build trust with your prospects by showing how your product works with purpose built data and answering their questions without asking them to use their imagination.

Today’s prospects are more sophisticated and less afraid to ask tough questions. DemoBlox partners with you to create clean data that represents the stories you want to tell, so you can control your narrative and stay in control of the demo. Being able to show your product’s differentiators is what brings a deal closer to being won, faster.

Why DemoBlox works

The product demo is one of the final steps to closing a deal. It requires significant thought, planning, and preparation. DemoBlox can be your long-term partner that helps you win more deals faster. Through our expertise in design, development, data management, and support, we save you time and money by doing what we do best. Your sales team can go into every demo meeting with confidence to impress and ready to close the deal.